We’re Getting Married

Abigail & Austin

Saturday, November 5, 2022








Abigail Meredith & Austin James

along with their families coordially invite you to their wedding ceremony


November 5, 2022
4:00 PM


The Moon Ballroom
107 E National
BrazilIN 47834

Both the Ceremony & Reception


PARKING on Jackson St one block behind venue




How We Met

Before our love story began, we had previously been friends for about three years. We had met through two of our close friends who happened to be dating at the time. Although we did not know it then, the future had so much in store for us. In August of 2019 we both ended up back at our friend’s house. For the first time in a long time we were both single. We started off the evening chatting and catching up on all the new happenings of our lives. There was a connection between us that was undeniable. Within a month of that night, we were officially dating, and seeing each other nearly every day getting to know and love one another. A little over three years after we started dating, we finally got engaged!

The Proposal

With the help of the bride’s sister, Alexa, a plan came into fruition. Abigail, Alexa, and Austin were painting pumpkins for Halloween decor. Austin painted a tree and skeleton on one side of his pumpkin. Then, on the other side, Austin started painting the words, “Will you marry me?”. Abigail suspected nothing because of the initial picture Austin had painted. As soon as Austin was finished he turned the pumpkin around to display the words he had just painted and proceeded to propose. Abigail’s face turned bright red as she began smiling from ear to ear. Overwhelmed with joy, Abigail happily said yes!

Wedding Party

Below we have a list of some very special members that will be taking part in our wedding party.


Brother – Best Man


Sister – Maid of Honor

Rowdy Lee

Brother – Reception Crasher


Brother – Usher


Niece – Flower Girl


Nephew – Ring Bearer


Niece – Flower Girl


Niece – Flower Girl


Brother – Usher


Niece – Flower Girl

Please consider gifting to the honeymoon fund or bringing a card with cash for their special weekend together after the wedding. Let’s help them celebrate and make this a joyous and memorable time with all our love and support! There will be a housewarming registry to come in the future for the couple once they are settled.


Venmo – sent to Nick-Brook Mckinney


Zelle – sent to Brook Mckinney (765.350.0557)

Give cash in a card

Brook Mckinney will take the funds and put it towards booking the getaway, and put the rest on a card or in cash for the couple to use for food, gas, activities, etc.

Celebrate With Us!

Please RSVP by November 4, 2022

Austin + Abby

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