A Glimpse of Melbourne

Everyone has an opinion about Melbourne.  It gets a lot of flack for the “bad weather” this time of year, since it is in the south and the winter is colder and rainier than Sydney or other cities along the East Coast.  However, the creative and conscientious vibe and the endless things to do in the city and surrounding area definitely outweigh any adverse weather that might be experienced.  While I was there it was a pleasant 65-75°F and only rained a few of the days. The people were really friendly and I loved the diversity and progressiveness here. Some people call it hipster, and hipsters get a bad rap, but there is something inherently progressive behind the hipster subculture that I like and can relate to.  So long story short Melborne is ahhhmazing and I want to come back soon.  There is art in everything in Melbourne, which means you can basically walk around for days on end unearthing cool buildings, sculptures, grafitied walls, listening to street music, eating delicious food, and drinking really great coffee and beer.


IMG_1576I went on a coffee tour in Melbourne because it’s known for its coffee culture.  It was with Walk Melbourne and it was really informative and fun! I really didn’t know too much except for a few types of roasts and single-origin coffees that I tend to gravitate toward, but the walking tour taught us all the basics of coffee brewing and ordering and we went around to a few renowned coffee shops in South Melbourne.  Perfect way to spend a Saturday!

IMG_1751IMG_1750IMG_1753 IMG_1756
I hadn’t seen any Koalas while in Australia so I thought I should probably fix that before I head back home, so I went on a wildlife tour. We saw an Emu, Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Tasmanian Devils,  Kookaburras, Little Penguins, and more!

IMG_1582 IMG_1592 IMG_1613 IMG_1619 IMG_1625 IMG_1628 IMG_1636 IMG_1642 IMG_1681The highlight of the day was definitely the Penguin Parade.  Phillip Island, just to the Southeast of Melbourne, has one of the largest wildlife attractions in Australia. The Little Penguins (yes, that’s their name), arrive back from feeding in the ocean at sunset and march their way back up to their little penguin homes.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but this video gives a good recap. It is the cutest damn thing you will ever see.  Ever.

A must on any good tour of the Melbourne area includes a trip along the Great Ocean Road. I went at sunset for to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

IMG_1660IMG_1666IMG_1674IMG_1682IMG_1698 IMG_1702 IMG_1705 IMG_1711 IMG_1719 IMG_1730 IMG_1740

As I get ready to head back to my home in the US, I am feeling grateful to have been able to share all the fun I’ve had.  Thank you for following my journey abroad over the past three months!

With love (and wonder!!),




One thought on “A Glimpse of Melbourne

  • U are so blessed indeed!! I know you know that…I am glad you were in these photos and I know you would want to take one of those little cuties home with you….I would like you to bring a kangaroo home for me please and thank you. You have memories for a life time and thank you for sharing them with us that could not be there…miss and love you lots Aunt Jill


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