Barcelona: El Sol y La Playa!

Hello lovely friends.

Had to throw a little Spanish at ya. The title means the sun and the beach for those of you that don’t want to look it up and yet also don’t want to sit in wonder about the title. And now you know a few words in Spanish if you didn’t already.

I really realized by coming to Spain the pitiful state that my Spanish skills are in.  And how much I want that to change. The first day I had been without a working phone for a few days because wonderful 02 in the UK won’t let you “top-up” to add money for more calls, texts and data without a UK credit card. Anyway, that’s another story….  so the point is that when I got into Barcelona I decided to hit  up the Orange store for a new SIM card.  I had to communicate with another human being for something I needed in Spanish. It was a little awkward but luckily the representative knew about 6 words in Spanish, which was enough!  And she was super nice about it. I love being forced into using Spanish. It’s the only way to really learn it so that it sticks.  If everyone knew English I would just be lazy and speak in English… like I did in Amsterdam and Brussels.

By the way, don’t you think it is incredible that you can get 1GB of data, 1,000 texts and about 15 Euro worth of calls for 30 Euro.  1GB is a lot.  Y me gusta mucho.

Another thing I like a lot is the sun and the beach.

Here are some pictures from my run, the one where I went longer and made it to the beach!





Running on SAND! I don't think I've done that ever before.... :)
Running on SAND! I don’t think I’ve done that ever before…. at least not on a real run, like for fitness 🙂

After the beach running, it was over. I was hooked and spent the most of the rest of the time in Barcelona at the beach. By the time I arrived in Spain, going along the tourist route to see all the sights seemed a little monotonous, and I did try to go on a walking tour but only lasted through about an hour of the 3 hour tour. They all start to sound similar.  The English/French/North Africans did this, and the Spanish did that, and there was war…. war, war, war.  Okay, that oversimplifies thing a weeee bit, but that’s where my head was at.

And that’s why Barcelona came at just the right time. I just stuck to the parks and to the beach. And of course I could not miss going inside and to the top of Sagrada Familia and doing some walking on my own, but the learning and seeing everything part of me needed a break. Here are some of the things I still did manage to see on my way to the beach!

Catedral de Barcelona
Catedral de Barcelona

IMG_0543 IMG_0556

IMG_0557 IMG_0566

Super huge yacht


It was sunny, and I forgot my sunglasses....
It was sunny, and I forgot my sunglasses…. and that’s the Columbus Monument behind me

And ahhhhh, the beach….


I think I did a good job of not getting any nude beach-goers in this one.


Can't go to Spain without Tapas...
Can’t go to Spain without Tapas… (and what I presume had to be the really touristy version of Sangria, since I think it was mostly Everclear)

I’m told the story behind Tapas  is that back in the day when people were struggling and were working laborious jobs throughout the day, that they had to choose between buying a drink or food, and so they obviously would choose to purchase drinks. Due to this it was finally mandated that every establishment serve some type of food if a drink was ordered to hold people over until a more filling meal could be had so people wouldn’t be so drunk.  There was more to it but that’s the abbreviated version. Read more about the history of tapas, and a bit about the origin of siestas here!  The few times I tested it out and only ordered a drink, they did bring out a little bite to eat (chips or olives), so it seems to still be tradition, even though most people pay for additional and more substantial tapas.  The plate above was not complimentary with the drink!

And to make up for my break from knowledge, I did read a site about the History of Spanish Wars to get a summary of what I may have missed by being so cynical…. I did this today, while writing this, since I am now a little curious. It is pretty succinct if you are interested. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Barcelona: El Sol y La Playa!

  • Hi, beautiful church, did you go inside?, I wanted you to know that Gus loved going into the empty boxes that we brought home or if we ordered something, and after Guz pass I put one of my best towels in the box you send with the garden windmill and put him in the box, he fix perfect and just looked like he get in there and curled up 😿 he also wanted to set on your lap when you had a throw and get under and lay on your lap,always wanted under the covers in bed so this is way I got one of my best towels and put in the box to cover him up. He is miss and will be missed for sometime😿love you 😘 K


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