Oh, Edinburgh… you are so cold and beautiful

I was really impressed by the beautiful architecture, the dramatic backdrop of the castle, and all the Harry Potter info in Edinburgh, but I definitely would not recommend anyone to visit in the winter or late winter unless there are a lot of winter clothes involved. It was a very cold stay, and my shoes were wet most of the time.  Cold and damp weather is normal in Edinburgh, and I was not prepared. Even after all of the extra clothes I had to buy in London because of cooler temperatures there, it was still not enough.  I wore my North Face rain jacket AND my wool coat AND about 5-6 layers involving at times 2 or more sweaters. Step 1. try to plan your wardrobe better than I did and Step 2. get out and see it all no matter the weather!


We started by taking another Sandeman’s NewEurope tour.  It was really good, as usual.  The city is spectacularly beautiful even when cold and/or rainy.

Adam Smith Statue (for my Economist friends!)
Adam Smith Statue (for my fellow Economist friends…or, for anyone who is a fan of capitalism!)
Mercat Cross
Mercat Cross
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle at night
George Heriot's School (This and the castle were inspiration for Hogwarts)
George Heriot’s School (this and the castle were inspiration for Hogwarts)
Greyfriars Bobby
Greyfriars Bobby (people touch his polished nose for luck)



Close, which is short for enclosed area, is the name for covered walkways today
Old Stamp Office Close
Vivendo Discimus, which means “By living we learn”

We also hiked up to see the Dugald Stewart Monument, the Nelson Monument, the National Monument of Scotland and checked out the Scott Monument. I liked the hike for the great views of the city and because hiking is awesome! You can also walk up to the top of the Scott Monument, but I didn’t end up going up. And, bagpipes!

Walking path up to
Walking path up to Nelson Monument
View from the monuments
View from the monuments
Dugald Stewart Monument
National Monument of Scotland
Erin and I enjoying the view!
Erin and I enjoying the view!
Scott Monument
Scott Monument
Sir Walter Scott Monument
Scott Monument and Bagpipes

We did another hike up to Arthurs Seat, which had a pretty good incline. Need to do more hiking!

Hiking up Arthur's Seat
Hiking up Arthurs Seat


View of the castle from Arthur's Seat
View of the castle from Arthurs Seat


Windy selfie!
Windy selfie!

Lastly, I went to check out their parliament building, which was interesting to see since there is a referendum vote in September on whether or not to seek independence from the UK. Here’s a short summary of what’s going on there. The new parliament building was opened in 2009. It was interesting to see where the lawmakers debate and make policies and to get a glimpse of their process.

Parliament Building
Parliament Building
Scottish Parliament chambers
Scottish Parliament chambers

It was a really nice stay in Edinburgh. If anything, I got a little more down time to read and write than I normally would without nice weather.

By the way, everyone should read I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. It. is. amazing. inspiring. empowering. Go!

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