Vegan Eats While Traveling

I have been eating a LOT of falafel and hummus sandwiches and wraps. At least one every other day and on some days up to two, and I’ve eaten one for breakfast as well. They seem to be the popular (if only) vegan/vegetarian option that many take-away places like coffee shops and delis have available. And hurraay, because there ARE options! It is so easy and inexpensive to make wraps or sandwiches on the go, which is why I’ve adopted this sandwich and have made it very often while traveling.  I suppose it’s easiest at a hostel or at a home (rather than a hotel), because you can preserve hummus and other vegan dips in the fridge. Since they don’t have anything in them that deteriorate too quickly, I have also have carried them on buses and from place to place without refrigeration.

Falafel Wrap from Eat.
Falafel Wrap from Eat.

Here’s the basic makeup of the wrap or sandwich (whichever you choose):

  • whole wheat tortillas or pita bread
  • pre-packaged couscous mix, usually with added veggies or dried fruits (which I use sort of in lieu of falafel)
  • hummus (or other vegan spread)
  • greens

Some of the dips and spreads I have used are:

  • garlic hummus
  • harissa hummus
  • red pepper hummus
  • spicy lentil and hummus dip, and
  • chopped sun-dried tomatoes in oil

Fresh veggies like cucumber and tomatoes are really good additions as well, but are a tiny bit harder to manage while traveling.  I’ve also used hummus on my morning toast when I’m getting sick of the jam that is provided at most hostels, which gives a little bit more substance and nutritional value.  The wraps I have bought from delis usually have tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage as well. When I’m back living in one spot for a while, I hope to dabble in making my own hummus dips, since I had an amazing hummus that was really fresh and zesty at a moroccan booth in Camden Stables Market. Options like rice, tabbouleh, or quinoa can be substituted as well and may help keep this a compelling basic.

This is definitely one “dish” I will make more of when I settle in one place again since it’s a little more flavorful than most salads I concoct and I like that you can make it multiple ways to keep the flavors interesting. I used to eat a lot of vegan burritos or quesadillas at home (where I have plentiful vegan cheese) but I’ve opted for this Middle Eastern inspired staple instead since beans and rice being are a little harder to cook.  Really though, I could definitely cook beans and rice at the hostels as well so basically this is the just the lazy (i mean, busy?) person’s vegan travel meal.

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