When Feeling Challenged, Bring Mindfulness To Your Running

Lately, as in, most of this winter, I have been repeating a lot of negativity to myself during my runs and I wanted to think of some ways to turn that negativity around. Negativity is infectious, but luckily so is positivity, and here are some tools I have found helpful to get myself back in a positive mindset while running.

Asking questions to bring yourself into the present moment can help reduce the negative loop of mind-chatter that can play on repeat when uncomfortable during a challenging run. Here are a few questions that I’ve found to be helpful as a self check-in and to quiet the chatter:

1. What can I learn from this run?

2. What beauty can be seen on this run?

3. What do I have to be thankful for on this run?

4. How does my body feel on this run?

5. What totally amazing things are my body allowing me to do on this run?

When will this be over? Just kidding… If you find yourself thinking down this path, revert back to another question!

Mantras are another effective tool that can help for extra encouragement in speed work or in challenging conditions. I personally like the next few as they have helped me through tough runs in the past.

“I am strong”

“thank you (body) for allowing me to run”

“I am not afraid (of this challenging run)”

The key is to find a few that resonate with you personally that you can bring forth when running starts to get you down!

These tools can be used outside of running as well. Just change “on this run” to any challenging circumstance you find yourself in!

Here’s to happier running for the remainder of this winter!

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